Tuesday, April 18, 2023


The Volkswagen brand continues its commitment to moving away from internal combustion powered passenger cars. Bumper2Bumpertv says the latest offering in that the Battery Electric space is the 2024 ID7

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The European interest is much greater than the US interest in EV’s. Latest polls show about 40% might consider an EV for their next vehicle in the US. No one wants to talk about the danger in the use of cobalt, lithium, etc. and the pollution from mining those minerals. Fossil fuel are the fuel for the chargers. EV battery life expectancy, they claim is about 100,000, to replace those batteries runs in the neighborhood of $25-$30K. Disposal never discussed. Range anxiety is real for travelers. Grand Design travel trailers did a study with the Ford Lightning F-150. Max distance is 80 miles before a charges is required. 20-25 trailer, 130 miles before a recharge needed. We are decades away from a viaible EV environment. Better choice are hybrids and/or hydrogen cells.