Sunday, December 9, 2018

Greg's take on the Nissan Kicks!!!

Just like every other major automotive manufacturer, Nissan is playing in the subcompact crossover segment with the Kicks. Bumper2Bumpertv looks at what the brand hopes will be their small but mighty competitor.


New Car review said...

When it comes to the new car reviews, Nissan Kicks is the latest car from Nissan. This car is longer with 4384mm, taller with 1656mm and wider with 1813mm in India. This car is too premium from inside as compared with the international version. The car dashboard comes up with an 8-inch touchscreen which includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
The car has got a 1.5-liter turbo diesel engine which gives 110PS@3850 rpm and 240Nm@1720 rpm. This car has got a six-speed manual transmission, and no automatic transmission is found on it. When it comes to car reviews, this car when driving in the city, it is seen that the turbo starts only after the car reaches 1700 rpm.
The clutch of the car is little soft, but still, it will give your leg pain in heavy traffic period. But the materials used in this car is best and of premium quality and it perfectly suits to Indian roads. If you want to know some more review about another car in India, then you can go to Car reviews in India and can find out all the details and its compatibility with Indian road of the car that you are looking for.

Sharvin Mohan said...

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